However far away, I will always love you.. However long I stay, I will always love you.. Whatever words I say, I will always love you..
The Cure - Lovesong

Αγαπημένα Web Comics [2] : Formal Sweatpants

Indroducing Formal Sweatpants!

Ειρωνεία και αυτοσαρκασμός, εξαιρετικές απεικονίσεις του Θεού, τρίχες, μουστάκια, μύξες και η απελπισία της εξυπηρέτησης πελατών. Και, φυσικά, το κυριότερο χαρακτηριστικό του Formal Sweatpants: η λεπτομέρεια. Αξέχαστες γκριμάτσες, αηδιαστικοί κώλοι και κακάσχημες φάτσες, κομματάκια μπισκότων, σκιές.

Ακολουθούν τα αγαπημένα μου δείγματα από το Formal Sweatpants, ξεκινώντας με το αυτοσαρκαστικό

Tenacious D : 39

She's 39, but she still looks young
Not very young, but a lot of fun
She's my 39 lady in the sun

49 and I'm feelin' fine
In the sun that's a lot of fun
Drinkin' mai tais, kickin' back with my flip-flops on

I'm wearin' socks and my toe is tight
I think about her every damn night
39 year-old lady, she looks pretty good to me

I'm 49, drinkin' white wine
Not goin' out with no 19 year-old chickities no more
From now on I got my 39 year-old whore

Don't you call her a whore
I'll fuckin' tear your esophagus out
She's sweet and she's getting old
And she's mine, to have and to hold

She needs a dentist appointment quick
I pay for it and she sucka my dick
When we text each other, I fiddle with my anus
Ahh, stick a finger in it!

Then I fuckin' didariddly doo
And I fuckin' gots to spew
Upon my belly, dripped upon my shoe
Get me a tissue

Chardonnay in the setting sun
She's 39, but she's number one
Get the apartment just right, she's comin' over tonight

I like it cause I don't feel scared
She's 39, I'm in my underwear
Here she comes, comin' down the hallway
She's knockin' on my door!

I open the door
There she is, not too bad, good enough
39 year-old lady, young enough for me
Boobies droopin', but she's good enough for me
Trimmed her pussy hairs, good enough for me
Mature woman, she's my lady

Uh huh, uh huh, ooh yeah
She ain't gonna be fuckin' around with no other guys
Nanananah-nah, she's mine, she's my special lady
Special lady

We can see a fuckin' movie
And agree it's a total piece of shit
Comfortable shoes, never lose
We can fuckin' talk about some things
She don't need no diamond rings
She don't need no diamond rings

[Rize Of The Fenix - 2012]

Διαπίστωσις [6]

Το να συγκρίνεις με τζείνην
όποιαν γνωρίζεις
κάμνει τα πράματα shειρόττερα,
διότι γυρίζει σου όταν ξέρεις
-τζιαι αφού επιβεβαιώνεις ότι καμιά εν συγκρίνεται μαζί της-
ότι τζείνην που θέλεις
τζιαι χρειάζεσαι
εν μπόρεις να την έshεις.